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You have reached the website of Andrew, alias AWM Mars or A World Maker.

I hope you will become as inspired as I have been, visiting the various Immersive Environments I have developed, and sample some of the various Models that I have created during the years. My inspiration came from using the forums of the various programs I have used through the many years. I've met with some very talented, skilled and generous people.

You will find the models in a DPS format. This is a 'Packaged' format of the program DeleD CE, which you can obtain from the useful links section. You will need the Package Importer/Exporter plug-in from the Delgine website, before you can use the DPS format. The format contains the model(s) in DXS format (native to DeleD), and all the textures used. From DeleD, you can install Plug-in(s) that allow you to export to a variety of formats. The price is Free! Drop into the forums and say hello, that's also free :¬)

Visitors to this website are welcome to download and use any of the models listed here, on the strict basis that they do not portray any of my work as their own, and or, sell any of these models, unless they are incorporated within their own projects, nor may you redistribute them by either hosting, remote linking or repackaging in any form whatsoever. By downloading, using and or viewing any of my models, you agree to abide by these conditions. All models listed here, are my own work. All textures used and or supplied, are to my knowledge, free from any royalties and or copyright.